Sunday, August 17, 2014


It is hard to explain how the Incredible Sulk is feeling at this point in time. There are probably words in the English dictionary that aptly capture the emotion...but I don't know them so I will subject you to a long-winded simile adapted from that 3 major motion picture book- The Lord Of The Rings.

I understand dear reader, that you probably chanced upon my blog completely by accident while you trawled the internet. That's entirely YOUR problem dear reader. You should refine your searches. Now that you're here, you WILL listen.

Picture if you will a Morgul Orc, working his way up the grimy crude wooden ladder that is Mordor. After years of toiling he's finally close to making Senior Assistant Scumbag, only to find that a small man with hairy feet named Elijah Wood has gone and dropped his ring in a mountain, rendering his years of toil utterly hopeless. 

Apart from red-hot anger towards small men, midgets and hairy feet, there is a sense of despair. That dear reader is how the Incredible Sulk feels. Except for the midgets and hairy feet part.

You see dear reader, the Incredible Sulk's sulking is largely due to the fact that Adele is just Neil Diamond with curves and that the world's grammar is quickly and surely disappearing down the shithole. And to prove my point, none of you buggers wondered whether shithole was one or two words.

All his life the Incredible Sulk learned the difference between a preposition and a proposition. And which would be appropriate where. It speaks volumes of the patience of the Incredible Sulk's Imaginary Girlfriend when the Incredible Sulk used a preposition instead of a proposition to prove his love for her.  

It unnerves the Incredible Sulk to see a 2 where to or too should be or the emoticon for a cow and poop for the word bullshit. Researchers at the (where else) Incredible Sulk's Incredibly Useless Research Department recently came out with a study that wasn't published anywhere. In that study dear reader, they believed they had found evidence that life had come full circle for humanity. From paintings on the wall and hieroglyphs in Egypt to actual words to emoticons or emojis. Decades from now when life from other planets land on Earth they will find polar bears standing on small floes of ice and semi colons and parentheses on communication devices and KNOW that they've found a lower life form. They will also find The Incredible Sulk's internet history which they should delete immediately. 
(No darling, those lingerie ads on the side are random)

You see, his whole life The Incredible Sulk has studied the works of Shakespeare and Deadmau5 intently. The former to improve The Incredible Sulk's English and the latter to look for signs of dyslexia, for the Incredible Sulk gets Taare Zameen Par vibes from the way he writes his name. Naturally Th3 Incredibl3 Su1k thought that studying the works of Shakespeare would automatically make him superior than everyone else. And that that would lead to better job prospects. That plan has gone to shit. Or as Generation Zzzzzz says...sh1t.

After killing Deadmau 1 to 4...

So now, like an out-of-work Morgul Orc, The Incredible Sulk must plod through this grammatically incorrect life. Probably stand by the side of the ride with a sign, "Will work for...THE BETTERMENT OF YOUR GRAMMAR! BOOYAH!

Sunday, February 2, 2014


The Incredible Sulk is a Gemini. He is the very symbol of duality for he is blessed with two hands, two eyes and ears and two unmentionables located below his waist.

Dirty guttery minds abound as The Incredible Sulk hears his reader say "The b*lls on this one..."But no dear reader (or more likely reader looking for another site with similar name), The Incredible Sulk speaks of his legs as unmentionables for his leg hair forms intricate patterns, that would drive Madame Tussad bonkers were she to try and replicate them on one of her waxed statues. Or wax statues for that matter.

Back to the matter at hand. The Incredible Sulk is a Gemini. Armed with this knowledge, you'd expect the Incredible Sulk to hit the tabloids with gusto, looking immediately for the horoscopes page where the soothsayers would predict that The Incredible Sulk's destiny today lies in brushing his teeth counter-clockwise.

But no dear reader! The Incredible Sulk detests these soothsayers, these fake fortune tellers!! Pray tell, harbingers of doom why thee wreck havoc on people's lives? Examples abound as to the wordplay of these fiendish fellows.

Aries. Known also by the name...Mutton.

Take for example the man who reads his horoscope "...allow the loving and caring side to be visible..." and finds his pants ripped of by an active escalator to reveal shaved legs. Or the man who never saw it coming when it said "...your two ruling planets collide today..." and his mother and wife got into a fistfight as to whose bread pakodas killed off Dadaji. Perhaps the man whose horoscope read "...your karmic cycle supports family matters..." never really thought he would have to transport half his bloodline on a cycle rickshaw because the car breaks down. Or the man who read the grammatically incorrect " may have to be patient today..." found himself on the surgical table because of appendicitis. 

But dear reader, the most evilest of the fortune tellers is that end-of-meal, bowel inducing, bum clenching thing called...The Fortune Cookie.

Now it isn't like The Incredible Sulk to quiver in the face of nonsensical-ness but imagine his disgust when after a rather satisfying buffet when he opens up his fortune cookie and it reads "...delay a major purchase, a better deal is coming...."  What is that supposed to mean?

Are you telling me dear fortune cookie that I shouldn't have eaten this meal (AFTER I've consumed it by the way) and instead gone to the neighbourhood seekh kebabwala? Or perhaps you speak of the pair of shoes I was about to buy online with coupon code GODADDY31. Will you please specify?

I know of a dear, very hypothetical friend whose fortune cookie read " unexpected relationship will become permanent..." The next thing this very hypothetical friend knows, he has gone and quick-glued his hand to his crotch. I see you sneer dear reader and then immediately grimace as you realise what relationship this said hypothetical friend shared with his crotch. I ask you to keep up dear reader. Do stop being a dumbass.

A Misfortune Cookie

The Incredible Sulk of course does not put much faith in these readings. He has his own fortune teller. The Incredible Sulk's Imaginary Girlfriend however is more of a teller than a fortune teller.

"Yes dear. I know you said argyle socks dear. They just happen to have gargoyles on them dear. No dear, I know you didn't mean gargoyle socks dear."

Saturday, November 16, 2013


The Incredible Sulk has a grouch. Oh and what a grouch he is....Has!

When the Incredible Sulk has a grouch he indulges in all sorts of nefarious activities that can be blamed on the neighbour's dog. The Incredible Sulk's Incredibly Expensive Therapist refers to these as The Incidents That Shall Not Be Named. However The Incredible Sulk has a creeping suspicion. The Incredible Sulk doesn't know what the creeping suspicion is yet. It's still creeping up on him. There's a reason the Incredible Sulk's Incredibly Expensive Therapist is...expensive.

But this isn't why the Incredible Sulk is ticked off. Indeed no! What, then you might say, has got the Incredible Sulk's chaddis in a knot. Is it perhaps the inability to decide whether to capitalize the 'The' before the Incredible Sulk. But once more you'd be far off the mark. Like a drunk William Tell.

The Incredible Sulk's concerns this time are far greater than any one individuals' problems with capital letters. The Incredible Sulk is afraid dear reader(s?). Very afraid. A disturbing trend seems to have hit The Movie Makers in Hollywood. The Dead Asian Guy.

The Incredible Sulk's Incredibly Useless Research Department found that in 90% of movies the Asian Guy is the first to kick the bucket.*
*(The movies the Incredible Sulk polled were Gravity, Fast & The Furious series and Bambi)

There are several flaws The Incredible Sulk sees in this. For one, Asia has two of the most populous countries in the world. We didn't get there by dying. First, last or anytime. The Incredible Sulk has on more than one occasion had less than a centimetre to go through the upheaveals (and downheavals) of breathing in a local Mumbai train. The Incredible Sulk fondly remembers the time he was a bonny baby in a Borivali (#whothoughtthatcouldbecomean alliteration) local and his hand was pushed by sheer force of humanity onto a the rear cheek of an elderly gentlemen. The Incredible Sulk needed therapy to wipe the elderly gentleman's ensuing smile from his memory. But the Incredible Sulk deviates from the topic like a politician caught with his lungi down but doesn't want to answer questions from Arnab about it. Asians don't die fast. And they shouldn't be dying first in movies. If Asians know one thing, it is how to survive. In a Borivali local. At 8:30 pm. On a Monday. With creepy elderly gentlemen leering.

Secondly, and more importantly, Asians are way smarter than the tanned Westerner one chances upon in Dharavi getting ripped off buying leather bags. In any given movie we're more often than not, the ones who invented the software/hardware/rainwear that ultimately leads to our untimely demise. You'd think with the number of software engineers we churn out that we'd safeguard against these killer viruses that somehow manifest themselves physically and kill...Asians. In RaOne.

The Asian Guy also caps it first in Gravity. A movie with 4 characters. A movie in which one of  the characters is "The Voice From NASA." The Incredible Sulk fears that embedded in such movies is a not-so-subtle message that Asians are weak and stupid and due to their diminutive stature should pop it first. This the Incredible Sulk feels this is all rather silly. The Asian Guy is not the one floating around in space. With George Clooney's ghost.

At this point the Incredible Sulk feels he should have indicated that there would be spoilers ahead. But he didn't feel like it. The Incredible Sulk in this regard is a cinematic sociopath and firmly believes if you haven't already seen Gravity you should drop that bag of Cheetos and do 10 rounds of your local park. Coz chances are, you're a fatty.

The Incredible Sulk feels at this juncture he has rambled on enough. And he would like to doff his hat or in this case his red skull cap to Jackie Chan. The only Asian guy who manages to remain alive THROUGHOUT his movies. Mostly because he produces them.

Jackie Chan. He can punch through...paper.

He's so alive he manages to even do blooper reels at the end of his movies. So the Incredible Sulk doffs his cap at him. And Shahrukh Khan. Another Asian who refuses to die in movies he produces.

Monday, August 19, 2013


The Incredible Sulk isn't exactly the brightest bulb in whatever the collective noun for a group of lightbulbs is. At the best of times he walks around with a dull, dim-witted expression on his face. That sort of hangdog look on his face. Quite what a hangdog is the Incredible Sulk doesn't know. Possibly some sort of doggy executioner. He worries not with trivial matters such as these, safe in the knowledge that such is the expression on his face.

But bright and sharp aren't attributes the Incredible Sulk is attributed with (the Incredible Sulk's Imaginary Girlfriend noddingly interjects, knowingly stroking her chin; She has much to say on the matter).

(But it's MY blog so Booyah!!!)

The Incredible Sulk's dim witted expression is hard to fathom you say. Well...picture if you will a man of average intelligence. Now ask him how Sharukh Khan and rickshaw drivers who don't want to go anywhere make money. That fair maidens and scruffy looking men is what the Incredible Sulk's permanent face-state is. So it's little wonder then that when The Incredible Sulk (who is slave to autocorrect who is master of when the 'T' in the Incredible Sulk is uppercase, lowercase etc etc) is ridiculed frequently. How could they?!?! my loyal reader(s?) cries. Blasphemy! you spew forth, drowning The Incredible Sulk's enemies in a flood of your spittle. Foul! you cry, little knowing this isn't a game of football and you're looking at the wrong screen my dear befuddled chap.

But it is true dear reader. Sad, but true.

In recent times-like today-The Incredible Sulk was ridiculed for deriving philosophy from a movie that intellectuals believed was far beneath their plane of thought. A plane of thought of Ship of Theseus and Thateus. A movie that The Incredible Sulk's Incredibly Useless Research Department dubbed "This Season's Most Watched Movie That Will Only End Next Season." Far beneath the plane of intellectual thought that included a movie like "Lincoln", said to be "Movie That Shouldn't Be Watched While Operating Heavy Machinery" & "Movie That Should Have Remained A Car" by The Incredible Sulk's Incredibly Useless Research Department.

These very same intellectuals scoffed at The Incredible Sulk for putting forth the theory that there might be some philosophy in After Earth. They scoffed dear reader and sniffed their noses in that haughty way, haughty people sniff and scoff. They put a dainty index finger and manicured thumb through a fine china cup of tea and drank deeply. They dipped cream scones and dusted the crumbs onto The Incredible Sulk's face. They thought his mouth wasn't open. Ha!

A Haughty Man. Umm..Woman. Basically A Haughty. 

The Incredible Sulk's apparent folly was to use a quote from the Will Smith & Family starrer that ran as such:
"Fear is not real. The only place that fear can exist is in our thoughts of the future. It is a product of our imagination, causing us to fear things that do not at present and may not ever exist. That is near insanity. Do not misunderstand me danger is very real but fear is a choice."
The Incredible Sulk as his reader(s?) and building night watchman knows is terrified of dogs. However on repeating this quote to himself and drinking copious amounts of alcohol The Incredible Sulk managed to overcome The Not Real Fear and ended up chasing said dogs and did other questionable things to mark territory and empty bladder. The Incredible Sulk would however miss out on a crucial part in the quote. The Very Real Danger part of the quote. The Incredible Sulk misunderstood. And was subsequently chased by said dogs.

Which is not to say that The Incredible Sulk hasn't learnt anything. He has learnt that Will Smith had to say "fear" four times in that quote. He has also learnt that those who scoff and sniff usually end up having serious sinus issues and ultimately end up laughing like Janice from Friends. This alleviates The Incredible Sulk's dim witted look from time to time. Aaaaaand it's back again.

Sunday, April 7, 2013


While debate rages on over whether this single-cloth clothed man (how and why) spelt his name with one or two Ts (ironic for a single-cloth clothed man); the Incredible Sulk's Incredibly Useless Research Department decided to undertake a study as to whether this uni-clothed man was hitched. 

Aryabhata/Aryabhatta as you surely don't know, since you'll are the famed Generation Zzzzzzz, was a famous mathematician. As I hear loud groans and moans I realise that the Incredible Sulk's audience is distinctly uninterested in this drab subject. That accounts for the groans only. With raised eyebrow The Incredible Sulk must deduce and put the moans down to the fact that one of the Incredible Sulk's little flock is naughty, naughty.

But I deviate like a ballet dancer with two left feet. Aryabhata was a famous mathematician. Apart from having won the Most Trippy 6th Standard Textbook Illustration award for 10 years in a row he is known for the use of zero . Although he never really used the zero symbol (0). No. That went to some bright soul who couldn't draw a proper circle. He also is known for the approximation of Pi.
"Or as he is better known, Piscine Patel," The Incredible Sulk's Imaginary Girlfriend interjects. As The Incredible Sulk's Imaginary Girlfriend espouses the qualities of the visual orgy that was Life of Pi the Incredible Sulk's Incredibly Useless Research Department has all the research it needs to carry on research into the personal life of Aryabhat(t)a. 

It is this unasked for soliloquy on the part of The Incredible Sulk's Imaginary Girlfriend that has led to The Incredible Sulk to believe that Aryabhat(t)a, single T or no, was a single man. Let us look at a few points of discussion then (only the second time that The Incredible Sulk has ever said that. The first time was at a Junior Church Youth Group meeting consisting of 1 person)

The first so-called point of discussion is inevitably The Zero(ironically). Any man inspired by the opposite sex would have dedicated his Eureka moment of discovering the zero to a woman. The modern-day zero symbol looks something like this - 0. Which not only looks like the sensous curves of a woman but looks uncannily like that part of a woman that....
(The Incredible Sulk takes momentary pause here for the simple fact that Google's Eyes are now rested upon the Incredible Sulk's back, finger hovering dangerously close to that Ages 18+ button.)
...looks like a shapely belly button.
(Good save, good save)

The second and most important point was the fact that Aryabhat(t)a wrote his most famous work, Aryabhatiya, which is not vain at all, at the tender age of 23. I must confess my ignorance for the way people lived back then primarily due to the fact that my I was still but a thought in SKYNETs' Human Embryo Development Strategy. And that I wasn't alive at the time. But even at the age of 23 my uneducated guess was that there were some boys who would steal out late from the ashram at night to peek across the wall to where the girly ashram was. 

But not Aryabhat(t)a. Oh no. He was diligently working on a mathematical piece of art that would shape the Trigonometry and Algebra that would ultimately make me opt for 'Arts' stream. Bloody nerds. Not for him were the distractions of the flesh or sneaking peeks into the loose brick at the girly ashram's showers.

The Incredible Sulk's Incredibly Useless Research Department is also inclined to deduce that if Aryabhatta were not single he would have created a seperate number system for the opposite sex.

The Incredible Sulk's Imaginary Girlfriend raises an eyebrow at this juncture, a particularly difficult manouevre and akin to animals behaving weird before natural catastrophes. But the Incredible Sulk persists, bravely ignoring the facial expressions and the Maori war paint the Imaginary Girlfriend daubs on, sharpening her battle axe at the same time.

You see, the opposite sex operates on a completely different number scale. The Incredible Sulk reminisces about the time he got ready for a movie/wedding/work in 10 minutes flat. However said duration of 10 minutes does not exist in the opposite sex's lexicon of numerical phrases. For although the Incredible Sulk's Imaginary Girlfriend remonstrates that it indeed takes her 10 minutes to get ready, it would seem that her new Titan watch be stuck in some sort of time warp. For, till date, it has not taken her less than 45 minutes to "get ready." I use this term loosely as by "get ready" I mean "drag her out." 

Oh Aryabhat(t)a! How hast thou failed thine own sex!
For if you were you to tread the road that would have led you to lead a life forever betrothed you would have realised. I present to you oh not-so-discerning-reader my last focus group. They are the men strewn outside trial rooms, laden with the spoils of clothes yet to be tried on, usually a drooling baby or naughty twin boys hanging off the other arm. Vacant, blank looks on their faces.Their morbid existence is broken every 2 minutes by a voice that says, "This size doesn't fit me. I'm not a size 28 anymore." Whatever the answer the poor bugger decides to reply with one can be assured that hell on earth is a given for said poor bugger.

Need I say more? No. Primarily because it's nap time.

Saturday, October 8, 2011


The Incredible Sulk has come across many a strange species on his travels that took him to the nooks and crannies of Andheri East. On many of these voyages I have sought to document these strange species and today I seek to bestow my knowledge upon thou of that most fearsome of species, "The Obvious Aunty."

Now the Aunties I allude to here have nothing to do with aunties related to me by a bond of blood (a bond they no doubt curse), for any aunty related to me by blood has a tendency to whack one on the head, if one gets too obvious. Older people look at The Incredible Sulk and shake their head, offer their pity and say, "he must have been dropped on his head when he was a baby." But the asses are sadly mistaken. The result of The Incredible Sulk's idiotacy is because of one too many whacks on the head from the steel arms of aunties related by blood.

No, no the Aunties I refer too are the type that go "tsk tsk" at the immoral youth of today and tell couple off for holding hands before marriage. That sort of aunty. Let me give you an example of a specimen of this sort of aunty that I happened to come in contact with. Picture if you will, an ATM. And a long line that leads to the ATM. An Obvious Aunty stands behind the Incredible Sulk. One of the ATM machines has a sign on cardboard that says "Out of Order." Obvious Aunty looks at said sign, then at long queue and remarks, "That's going to cause some problems."

Quite brilliant Aunty. Sherlock friggin Holmes and his emasculated assistant Dr. Watson would not have seen that coming. Oh NO Aunty, you're powers of observation far exceed that of Ms Marple's. I'm sure you'd go to an F1 race and say something like, "They are going so fast no?".

Or maybe you're the type that likes to say, "Now they won't win," when India need 45 runs of the last ball in a World Cup final. Oh! How the blood boils Aunty, how the blood boils.

You're the type that thinks Justin Bieber MIGHT be a girl when the rest of the civilized world knows otherwise. And yes Aunty, there is no small chance that Rebecca Black could be less obvious than you...and that's really saying something. Because this is the girl who had a rather Eureka moment when she realised that Saturday, did infact, come after Friday.

I see you cowering in fear. I did too when I was first faced with an Obvious Aunty. Rather like Livingstone when he was being mauled by a lion or tiger or Teletubby or some such heinous creature in the jungles of Africa. The thing to do, when faced with an Obvious Aunty is be completely random. For nothing but Utter Nonsense will stave off an Obvious Aunty. For example when she remarks needlessly about the traffic when your bus has moved 5 inches in 2 hours, greet her with a, "I wonder what time I will reach Germania and whether the 12th moon of Romulus will be housed safely in a Moratarium."

Unless of course you meet the sub-species of the Obvious Aunty.

The Obvious Aunty With 35 Cats. In which case you should run.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


The Incredible Sulk hates you. And this is no minor dislike for you. This is real, bottom-of-the-heart type hatred.

Now before you baulk at this candid confession and come up with a charity or NGO against it, let me provide your noggin with a gentle tap (what we call a katoos) and turn your open-mouthed-in-surprise face to what this blog is called. I am The Sulk. Not the Hulk, who is green and saves people, not The Bulk who (I just made up and I'm guessing) is a genial, "healthy" man. I am The Sulk. I DON'T LIKE YOU.

Before we get sidetracked any further, let us come to WHY I hate you. I hate you with every last atom of my being. I hate your slick gear-changing-with-the-clutch-pressed-cooly thing you do. I hate the fact that you know the difference between the accelerator and the clutch. And I also HATE THE FACT that when you dabao the brake, you don't find the passengers sitting in the backseat of your car going flying through the windshield.

And you can't pass off stuff like that by saying "inertia's a bitch."

Also you're "Let's JUUUUST miss the pedestrian" routine really pisses me off. Oooooooo, so you have superior judgement. Yes YOU!! With your cool, math-calculatingy mind. With your, "Hmmm, I have 3.6 seconds till I hit that speedbumb which means I have to hit the brakes in 3.6 seconds. The squeal of my braking will last an exact 2.3455 seconds which gives me enough time to pass wind at 3.78 mph...."

Yes, we know.

And lets not forget ALL you show-offs with big cars. But then again, you know what they say about men with big cars....
That's right all you Merc, Ferrari and Jag owners. Oh and lets not forget all you rich buggers who ordered the extra-long wheelbase Maybach. You have absolutely no idea what the female psychologists at Harvard are saying about you, do you?

Oh and lets not forget all of you who drive those mini toy car thingies. You think you're so smart buying small, cheap, eco-friendly cars.

I have a suggestion. When you buy your next car, how about a rickshaw instead? You'll be eco-friendly, encourage public transport, make a quick buck. Even a friend (or axe-murderer, depends on the city) or two. But more importantly, you won't have your damn windows rolled up when I verbally abuse you, when you try and squeeze your Smurf car into an impossible space.

I'm scared of quite a few things. Dogs, unpredictable cats (they got that look in their eyes), people who KNOW they have body odour, reality checks from my imaginary girlfriend....the list is not endless but it would fill a few pages. Few things however strike fear into my very soul more than the "Undecided pedestrian." You know, those idiots who think about crossing but stop midway to (I'm guessing) weigh the pros and cons of existentialism. I'd rather face a horde of two-headed animals with a head of a dog and an unpredictable cat run by a tribe of people who shun deodrant.

The Incredible Sulk advocates driving with a helmet and recommends the Government put up signs in areas notorious for "Undecided Pedestrians." Please don't drink and drive. Please aim properly after you drink and pee.